Mission Statement

To promote excellence in graffiti whilst openly developing and sharing street art techniques and technology.

In more words…
Perth’s Graffiti Research Lab is a network of individuals dedicated to providing street artists, graffiti writers and other Perth voices the ways and means of having their presence heard in a city of red tape, nasty signage and sleeping seniors. Perth is bursting at the seams with vibrant and creative individuals, we want to see that creativity on the street. We want everyone to see it – and maybe even love it!

What is Graffiti?
Graffiti is a mark on the street made by people in that community. It says amongst other things “I am here, don’t forget me”. Sometimes it can also say “I’m sad” or “I’m bored”, sometimes it says “I’m brave”, sometimes it says “Fuck you”, but most of the times it says “shhhh I want to share this special artwork with you”. But whatever the reason, it says: “People live here… people with passion and drive”, it takes a lot of risk to put yourself out there like that.

The fact is, just like other arts, not all graffiti is great. However a lot of it is sublime, poetic or just plain awesome. Just remember you have to learn to draw before you can make the masterpiece.

Still reading?
If you’re still reading you’re either inspired or angry (maybe both), so I should introduce myself as the writer at this stage. Hi my name is Jerrem Lynch, I live in and love Perth. Together with Steve Berrick I’m inviting Perth to get involved in the ideas of Graffiti Research Lab and join us. This website isn’t always written from my perspective and it’s not at all about me; this is the story of a city. We already have a strong following of supporters and fellow operatives… We’d love you to join the good fight against anti-graffiti propaganda.

GRL is a giant global network of like minded individuals. It was started in New York by James Powderly and Evan Roth. The General Idea is simple, use technology to change the way people think about graffiti. By creating open source technology amd encouraging people to do it themselves they sparked a new way of thinking about graffiti. We started by being a part of GRL Australia and have splintered off further to form GRL Perth.

What do we do?
At the moment we are pros at outdoor digital projection. Come along to one of our happenings (called projector bombings) and you can have your name (tag) or artwork blasted onto the side of a Perth city building. You’ll see that its fun and a real buzz to share your presence and artistic skills with friends and strangers on the street. But its not only all this stuff… we’re dedicated to making and sharing lots of new ways to appreciate and create street art. We want you to make and/or watch some too.. if you’re up for it, jump on over to our join us page.

Final stir
Isn’t it nice to share? Isn’t it nice to have your message bigger than a billboard? More relevant than a coke ad? And isn’t it nice to watch other people in your neighbourhood get creative too, or simply just introduce themselves? Isn’t it better than staying at home watching the telly or playing the xbox? What can I do? Why dont you get off your ARSE and come and join us, meet us and meet the other people in your neighbourhood? We are better than your friends at the bowling green ;-P

Thanks for your time.
See you on the street
Jerrem & Steve