Join the good fight against anti-graffiti propaganda..
heres how (in order of awesomeness)…

  1. Tell everyone you know that you love graffiti and street art, start an argument with you grandma or your children about it, but try your best to educate not infuriate.. either way is a win
  2. Subscribe to this blog to get updates on special stuff (this is the coolest email list in Perth)
    do it here
  3. Add us on facebook, twitter and other social networking hooha
  4. Send us personal email of support (words are cheap but very nice!)
  5. If your rich send us money, dont expect anything back it will be a donation, we’ll be spending it on crazy techno shit to share, everyone else email us and volunteer some time or some shit.
  6. Do some of your own graffiti research, find some cool graffiti technique to share or expose some old authority figure as the dinosaur it is (interview them) if its good stuff we will post it and attribute you as a fresh new researcher
  7. If youve gotten this far down the list you rock!, so maybe you wanna think about getting involved. Send us an email with your crazy development ideas. then lets talk.
  8. If your already making graffiti or street art… keep doing it!!! never stop getting better… society might not appreciate you know but the talent your building now can change the world. we love you keep it up!
  9. Feel free to take the ideas we share here and build upon them, do your own projector bombing, come up with your more open source ideas, culture builds on the past. you are the future. never stop getting better but remember to keep on sharing.

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